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“You still got 4 rings! How many players can say they have even 1”

The Currys have always been there for Klay Thompson throughout his career. After struggling badly last month, Steph Curry’s mother Sonya Curry sent her a text that lifted his spirit.

Curry’s mom posted this message on her Instagram account after the Golden State Warriors shooting guard got a stinging reality check from Charles Barkley:

“You don’t owe anyone any explanation! You at your proclaimed ‘not the same’ self is still better than most of the current and past players in the NBA.

“Focus on God, your team and yourself!

“You still got 4 rings! How many players can say they have even 1! The most important thing is that you find your joy for playing a sport that you love and get to make a great living at!”

Steph Curry’s mother, Sonya Curry, shared some words of wisdom for Klay Thompson in response to his comments directed at Charles Barkley ?

Charles Barkley asserted during TNT’s coverage of the Phoenix Suns versus Golden State Warriors game that Thompson wasn’t what he used to be. The Hall of Famer claimed that “Killa Klay” is no longer one of the elite two-way players in the NBA.

Thompson would, later on, admit that Barkley’s comments deeply hurt him. The four-time champ spent more than two years rehabbing after two successive major injuries. No one has returned after suffering such injuries and still performing at a high level in the NBA.

Despite the long layoff, Klay Thompson was still instrumental during the playoffs last season and in the Finals against the Boston Celtics. He wasn’t his usual self, but there were stretches when “Game 6 Klay” was at his finest.

One could even make the argument that the Warriors could not have won their fourth title in eight years if Thompson had not been there. The Bay Area team wasn’t as strong and unstoppable as their past championship teams, so they needed everything Thompson could give them.

The other half of the Splash Brothers has had a rough start after refusing to scrimmage in the offseason. He still had to overcome the mental hurdles of all that rehab in the offseason that he didn’t want to push himself.

Steve Kerr, though, is convinced that his star shooting guard will get back to his old form.

Steve Kerr refuses to bench Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors have always been very supportive of Klay Thompson.
The Golden State Warriors have always been very supportive of Klay Thompson.

Klay Thompson is still averaging 15.1 points, but his shooting is way down. His 36% efficiency, including 32.6% from long-range is the worst of his career. These are numbers that are even significantly below his average last season.

Despite that, head coach Steve Kerr will not demote Klay Thompson to the bench. Kerr defended his star player and refused to demote Thompson to the bench. Kerr was adamant that the Golden State Warriors’ starting unit is the best in the NBA and Thompson is an integral part of that unit.

Kerr hasn’t thought about ever bringing Klay off the bench

The Warriors’ first five of Thompson, Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins top the league in offensive rating and net rating. “Killa Klay” may be struggling but he’s still a crucial part of the best starting unit in the NBA.

Thompson has a solid support group that will not give up on him. He can count on Steph Curry’s mom, Sonya Curry, to be there for him when the chips are down.

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