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Want To Add A Note Of Health To Your Dal Soup? Try These 5 Simple Tricks

Whether you are looking for something comforting or trying to stay healthy, a bowl of soup always comes to the rescue. You can make it using different ingredients and use different concoctions to make it tastier and healthier than ever. One such simple yet much-loved option is a dal soup or lentil soup. To put it simply, it is a bowl of runny boiled dal, spiced up with masalas, veggies et al. In fact, you would be fascinated to know that our very own rasam is a type of lentil soup that soothes the soul and adds nutrients to the body. In this article, we will share with you some of our tried-and-tested tricks to make a bowl of dal soup healthier and tastier. Sounds interesting? So, stay back and read through the complete article.
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Here Are 5 Fool-Proof Tricks To Spice Up Your Dal Soup:

1. Play with the dal:

You will find a wide range of lentils in every household. In fact, if you look into it closely, each of the dals has a unique aroma and flavourful profile. So, we suggest playing around with the dal and adding variety to your bowl of soup.

2. New day, new tadka:

We all add spices to make a bowl of soup healthier and tastier. We suggest, do not stick to a specific concoction for your recipe. Sometimes add whole spices, while sometimes try using powdered ones. If you ask us, two of our favourite concoctions are:
– Black peppercorn, cinnamon, and clove tadka in desi ghee.
– Garlic fried in butter and topped with black pepper.
– A simple topping of roasted jeera-red chilli powder, coarsely ground.

3. Lemon juice to the rescue:

Always remember that lemon juice is the safe code for all your cooking expeditions. Adding some lemon juice and black salt can make most of the dishes taste delicious. Alongside, it also adds a dose of vitamin C to your meal.

4. Add veggies:

This is possibly the healthiest way to sneak some vegetables into your diet. Boil the vegetables of your choice, along with dal, mash it all together, and top with a tadka. You can also keep the boiled vegetables intact to add a crunch to the dish.

5. End with spices:

As mentioned, spices are the key to a delicious bowl of soup. So, we suggest, adding them just before consumption to enjoy the soup the best. In fact, try to have your soup fresh to get a note of every flavour in the dish.
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Masoor dal soup can provide quick comfort

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Now, that you know all the tips and tricks, we got you some dal soup recipes to add variety to your meal. Click here to know more.


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