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Wait, What? These Viral “Popcorn Earrings Are A Total Hit With Foodies

The Internet is full of new ideas and daring experiments, and the world of food has been no exception. From bizarre combinations like Fanta Maggi to unique serving techniques like Turkish ice cream, there are many fascinating creations out there. But have you ever come across a fusion of jewellery and food? It might sound odd, but a viral video, on Instagram, has introduced us to one such unconventional combination. What is it exactly, you may ask? The short clip showcases basket-shaped earrings that carry popcorn. Yes, you read that right. What is even more interesting is almost everyone in the comments section seems to want such earrings now.
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In the video, we can see two friends sitting on a bus. One of them is wearing large basket-shaped hoop earrings loaded with popcorn. And the other one is picking up popcorn and eating it. It might be a  rather bizarre pairing, but the internet is loving it. Take a look at the video below:

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The reel has clocked more than five million views on Instagram. Read how people reacted to it below:

An Instagram user wrote, “I am thinking of trying to wear it to go to the movies.”
Another person added, “Something I would definitely wear.”
Someone penned, “I want them so bad.”
A witty comment read, “New idea to smuggle popcorn into the movies.”
A person said, “I need this for my popcorn.”
“They seem very handy to carry food whenever wherever we want,” wrote a user.
Oo my god kya kya din dekhne pd rha hai [oh my god! What all do we have to see now?]”, another wrote in disbelief.

Would you like to own this pair of earrings? Tell us in the comments.
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