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Viral Tweet Claims That Avocado Is Cheaper Than Tomato, Internet In Shock

You must be living under a rock, if you haven’t heard about the surge in the price of tomatoes. The cost of one kilogram of tomatoes, in certain regions of the county, stands at Rs 300. The astonishing jump from the previous rate of just 20 rupees per kilogram has taken everyone by surprise. Even eateries are seeking more budget-friendly alternatives like tinned sauces and purees. Now, a woman has compared the cost between tomatoes and avocados. As per her tweet, the price of tomatoes is more than that of avocados. 

Going by the post, an avocado, weighing around 140-200 grams, stood at a price of Rs 59. On the opposite end, 500 grams of tomatoes were priced at Rs 111. “It’s just a time in the economy when making avocado toast for breakfast is cheaper than dosa and tomato chutney,” the text attached to her tweet read. Does that mean a bowl of avocado salad will be cheaper than tomato salad? Well, read one. 

According to the pieces mentioned in the woman’s post, one kilogram of avocados will cost 295 rupees. Whereas, tomatoes cost Rs 222.

Take a look at the tweet:

The post has created a lot of buzz on social media. People couldn’t believe the comparison. 

“I’m actually jealous that you get an avocado for around 50 bucks. Cheapest I’ve seen till date.”, wrote a user.

“Was thinking exactly the same thing when I ordered avocado today and glanced at the tomato’s price,” added another.

This person corrected the woman by writing, “500g of avocado =Rs 130+, 500g of tomato =Rs 111”

Another person criticised, “No it’s not. Your math teacher will commit suicide if you put out nonsense like this.”

Highlighting the earlier prices of avocados, a comment read, “Remember that one time we tried to get an avocado and it was 500 rupees.“

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