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Viral: Starbucks Sells “Ajji-Approved” Filter Coffee For INR 290. Internet Cant Believe It

The distinct aroma of the roasted coffee beans with slight bitterness is something that remains common across all varieties of coffees. But it would not be wrong to say that nothing can beat the warmth that our homely filter coffee offers. Often served in a tumbler, filter coffee originates from the southern region of India. Its preparation is quite minimalistic due to which filter coffee is considered relatively cheaper and is usually prepared at home. And, on top of it, relishing a cup of filter coffee at home is both comforting and easy on the pocket. However, enjoying the same at a fancy cafe or restaurant might require you to shell out some extra money. A picture of a Starbucks standee has gone viral as it advertises a cup of filter coffee priced at INR 290.

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Shared on Twitter, the advertisement depicts an elderly woman sitting next to a young man as they both enjoy some filter coffee. “Ajji approved filter coffee for Shivvu,” the text on the banner read. “Starting at INR 290,” it added.

The photo was posted with the caption, “Dear Starbucks, there’s literally no Ajji in God’s green earth who’ll approve a filter coffee for ₹290 +taxes”.

The advertisement soon gained traction on the Internet where many thought that the humble filter coffee was priced exorbitantly high.

“Ajji will belt us if we say we bought filter coffee Ondu Cuppu for ₹300,” a user joked.

“Boss, I know a person who sells 100 gms of filter coffee for 300,” a comment read.

A person said, “I get very authentic and strong filter coffee near my office for ₹20. My ajji still thinks that ₹20 is too expensive when I can have it at her house for free”. 

He added, “She’d go berserk if she hears it cost ₹290+ tax at Starbucks and remove me from her will”.

One user wrote, “Why would anyone buy filter coffee from Starbucks. Missing the whole authentic element”.

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So, what are your thoughts on it?

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