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UP-Style Gulgulle: An Easy And Delicious Rainy-Day Snack (Recipe Inside)

Most of us love enjoying rainy days with special snacks. Taking a backseat in our balcony or porch seems to be the perfect way of celebrating rainy days. If you are fond of cooking and want to try out something different from having pakoras on a rainy day, then this UP-style Gulgulla recipe will be perfect for you. These sweet and salty fried dough balls will entice your taste buds and leave you asking for more. Gulgulla is typically made as a dessert, but in most homes, it is relished as a snack. Pua is another name for gulgule. In different Indian states, it’s called by different names. In Punjab, it’s referred to as pooda or puda.

Gulgule is a deep-fried dish from North Indian cuisine. The batter for gulgulla is quite like the famous Malpu Recipe. It’s just that gulgulla batter is thicker compared to Malpua batter. The key ingredients of this recipe are whole wheat flour, sugar or jaggery, and fennel seeds. Making these crispy, soft, and fluffy balls is not too difficult and time-consuming. This simple gulgulla recipe can be prepared quickly. You can also prepare them on festivals, including Holi, Diwali, Karwa Chauth, etc.

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Can You Use Banana In Gulgulla Recipe?

Soft and fluffy gulgullas are easy to eat. Photo Credit: istock

Of course, many people use bananas in the gulgulla recipe, as it enhances the flavor. You can take 1-2 bananas, mash them well in the form of a thick paste, and then mix them nicely with sugar. This can be added to the main batter. However, using bananas in the gulgulla recipe is completely optional. The traditional way of making this recipe is without bananas.

Can Sugar Be Used In Place Of Jaggery?


Jaggery is best used for this recipe. Photo Credit: istock

Yes, powdered sugar can be used instead of jaggery. However, in the traditional style recipe, jaggery is used to enrich the flavours and because of several health benefits it provides. In case, it is not available in your kitchen pantry then you can use sugar for sweetness. But it would be best to follow the traditional recipe and savour of the age-old flavours.

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What Can You Pair With Gulgullas?

These sweet and fully dough balls are best paired with hot drinks. Indian’s love having this snack with a hot cup of chai (Indian Tea). Chai helps in swallowing the fully gugulles easily. You can also pair these with a hot cup of coffe, if you don’t enjoy the Indian tea. If you avoid both of the above options, you can directly have it without any sides and drinks also.

For the detailed recipe of gulgulle, click here.


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