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Rajasthani Kadhi Pakoda: Because Your Taste Buds Deserve Royal Treatment

Kadhi Pakoda Recipe: A bowl of piping hot kadhi with freshly made rice is the definition of comfort food for many of us. Although easy to make, this combination has many possibilities. You can choose from types of traditional kadhi recipes popular in different pockets of the country. Some of these delicacies feature a besan base with the addition of fried or semi-cooked vegetables. Now, if you’re looking for a kadhi pakoda recipe that goes beyond simple comfort, we suggest Rajasthani Kadhi Pakora. This dish can be a regal addition to your lunch or dinner menu.
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What Makes Rajasthani Kadhi Pakoda Stand Out?

Kadhi Pakoda Recipe: Several whole spices are used to flavour this Rajasthani kadhi

One of the distinctive features of Rajasthani Kadhi pakoda is the range of spices used for flavouring the besan base. Several whole spices lend the kadhi a royal aroma that is sure to impress all those who taste it. There can be different versions of Rajasthani Kadhi Pakoda, just as there are several types of kadhi throughout the country. In the version below, the pakodas are made of besan mixed with seeds and spices. There is no star vegetable or other ingredient used for making the pakodas. Find out more below.
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How To Make Rajasthani Kadhi Pakoda At Home | Easy Recipe For Rajasthani Kadhi With Pakoras

Kadhi Pakoda Recipe: Whole spices are used to flavour this Rajasthani kadhi

Kadhi Pakoda Recipe: This Rajasthani dish has a besan base. Photo Credit: Stock

What You Will Need For Rajasthani Kadhi Pakoda:

Besan will be used for not only the kadhi but also the pakoras. For the kadhi, it is best to use sour curds or buttermilk to make the base. The sourness helps balance out the flavour of other ingredients. Apart from usual spice masalas like red chilli powder, haldi, etc., you will also need whole spices. So ensure that you have cloves, bay leaves, cardamom, peppercorns, etc. stocked in your kitchen.

How To Prepare Rajasthani Kadhi Pakoda:

Combine besan with curds, water, salt and spice powders. Heat oil in a big kadhai and prepare a tadka of whole spices. Then add ginger, curry leaves and green chillies to it. Pour in the prepared besan mixture and add more water. Stir continuously until the mixture comes to a boil and then allow to cook for a few more minutes.

Prepare a simple pakoda batter by mixing besan, water, ghee, salt, masalas, cumin and ajwain seeds. Deep-fry small portions of this mixture to get crisp pakoras. Later, pop them into the kadhi. Prepare a separate tadka with ghee, garlic and chillies. Pour it over the kadhi and serve hot.

Click here for the detailed recipe for Rajasthani Kadhi Pakoda

What are you waiting for? Treat your taste buds to this delectable Rajasthani kadhi pakoda soon!

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