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Pizza Snack Alert! Watch How To Make Delicious Mini Pizza Cups In An Appe Pan

Do you love the cheesy indulgence of a pizza? So do we! And it’s not just pizzas that we enjoy, but also different types of pizza-flavoured snacks. You might have heard of some of them – nowadays, one can binge on pizza sticks, pizza pockets, pizza puffs and so much more! These yummy treats bring together the flavours of pizza in an innovative and impressive way. And today, we’re going to tell you about yet another irresistible pizza snack called mini pizza cups. They not only make excellent party appetisers but are also unique snacks to relish at your usual tea time. What’s more, they can be ready in just 15-20 minutes!
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What Are Pizza Cups?

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Pizza cups refer to a snack shaped like a tart or cup and filled with a stuffing of tomato sauce, cheese, dried herbs and pizza ‘toppings’ like chopped veggies, mushrooms, chicken, etc. The base of these cups may be made using pizza dough or bread. In the recipe below, sliced bread is used as a time-saving hack, as it is more readily available in most of our kitchens.
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Are Pizza Cups Baked?


If you’re using an oven for making pizza cups, you’ll need muffin moulds or a similar tray. Photo Credit: iStock

Pizza cups can be baked using an oven or microwave. In this case, cupcake or muffin trays are used as “moulds” for the cups. However, this is not the only way to prepare them. We have come across another way to cook pizza cups: using an appe pan. Here, the bread base is pressed into the appe moulds, thus forming mini cups. Since the base doesn’t require much cooking (unlike pizza dough), the steam of the appe pan is just enough to fuse the ingredients together and melt the cheese. The result is a lip-smacking treat you’ll want to make again and again! This recipe was by Alpa Modi on her YouTube channel, ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa.’ Check it out below.

How To Make Pizza Cups In Appe Pan | Quick And Easy Recipe For No-Bake Pizza Cups


You can easily make bread pizza cups in an appe pan. Photo Credit: YouTube/ Something’s Cooking With Alpa

For the stuffing, in a bowl, combine finely chopped onion, tomato, green capsicum, boiled corn kernels and grated cheese. If you have olives and jalapenos – you can finely chop a few and also mix them in, but this is optional. Season with dried herbs and chilli flakes according to your taste. Finally, add pizza sauce/ tomato ketchup/tomato sauce. Combine all the ingredients thoroughly and set aside.

Take bread slices and cut off their edges. Then use a rolling pin to flatten them. Take care that no big gaps or tears form on their surface. Then cut the bread into circles using a katori / cookie cutter or any other such tool. Remove the excess bread from the sides and retain only the circles for the pizza cups.

As shown in the video, arrange these bread circles in the hollow parts of a greased appe pan. Fold and press as required to form cup-like shapes. Fill them with the stuffing prepared earlier. Top with extra grated cheese. Cover the pan and allow to cook for a minute on low flame. Remove carefully with a spoon and enjoy hot!

Watch the complete recipe video below to see exactly how to make these mini pizza cups:

Try making these mini pizza cups soon and serve them to your family members, friends or guests. We are sure they will find this snack simply delightful!

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