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Nothing Here, Just Disha Patanis Latest Fancy Dessert Indulgence

Disha Patani has a huge sweet tooth and her Instagram timeline has ample proof. The actress often enjoys some yummy desserts and makes it a point to share them with her Instagram family. Wondering what’s her latest sugary indulgence? A cuppa of coffee and a decadent chocolate pastry. Disha has shared a video on Instagram that opens to a fancy-looking cup of coffee. PS: There was a choco chip cookie on the side. Then, she moved the camera to the platter placed right next to it, and the chocolate sweet treat looked every bit delectable. The pastry was placed over a gooey chocolate sauce and had a shiny thin brisk placed on top. Check out Disha Patani’s decadent indulgence:

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In the next upload, Disha Patani teased us a bit more with those fancy little cakes. The actress shared a video of a bakery store where cartoon-like cakes were on display. Our favourite was surely the pokemon ball-like cake. It did give us a dose of nostalgia. Take a look:


Disha Patani is on a dessert spree. She is making it a point to trigger our sweet tooth with her daily indulgences starting with some yummy waffles this week. Disha shared a photo of two glossy waffles, topped with white sweet cream and some sprinkles. Next, her food shenanigans included – hot chocolate and also what looked like a tiramisu. Read all about it here.

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Disha Patani often takes her fans along on her culinary adventures. And, on most days – it’s all about those delectable sweet indulgences. Remember when Disha gorged on “this beauty?” Basically, a dessert topped with cream, peanut butter, strawberries and blueberries. Check it out here.

Even though Disha Patani adheres to a rigorous diet plan, prefers all things healthy, and is extremely particular about her fitness, there are certain days when the actress takes her taste buds on a sweet joy ride. Do you relate?

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