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Lunch Special: 5 Delicious Chana Dal Recipes That Go Beyond Simple Dal

In India, dal chawal defines comfort. But did you know the same dal could be used to make a range of delicacies as well? Be it masoor, moong, or urad, every dal has a unique characteristic and is super versatile in nature. Today, the one under the spotlight is chana dal (or Bengal gram). It is easily available in every household and is often used as a binding agent for different recipes. After all, you use the same chana dal to prepare besan – a popular binding agent in an Indian kitchen! The nutty flavour of this particular dal also makes it a popular garnishing element for various South Indian recipes. And the fact that it contains essential nutrients gives chana dal an additional edge. Today, we will take you through some of our favourite chana dal recipes that could help you put together a healthy and wholesome lunch. Guess what, this list goes beyond the classic dal.

What Makes Chana Dal A Popular Food Ingredient:

Availability:Chana dal is widely available across India, which makes it a budget-friendly ingredient to add to your daily diet.
Texture: Chana dal has a mushy texture that helps add some thickness to your dish. It also makes for a great binding agent, adding to its popularity.
Taste: Chana dal is not neutral in taste. In fact, it has a strong nutty flavour that adds some uniqueness to the dish you add it to.
Longevity: Pulses don’t get spoilt that easily; meaning, you can store chana dal for a long time and use it whenever you feel the need. Just remember, keep the dal in an airtight container to avoid excess moisture.
Health benefits:Chana dal is considered one of the best sources of plant protein and soluble fibres, making it a perfect dish to add to your healthy diet regime. Moreover, it contains various minerals and vitamins that make the dal extremely nourishing.
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5 Chana Dal Recipes That You Can Make For Lunch:

1. Chana dal pulao:

Pulao is possibly the most convenient meal for a weekday lunch. We suggest making it with some chana dal to add protein, fibre, folic acid, and several essential nutrients to your meal. You can also replace rice with healthier alternatives including dalia and quinoa. Click here for the chana dal pulao recipe.

2. Chana dal biryani:

If you feel like going beyond pulao, then here’s a biryani recipe for you to try. This Hyderabadi-style biryani includes aromatic rice, a range of spices, and chana dal instead of meat, for a veggie makeover. Find the recipe here.

3. Chana dal idli:

Idli is possibly one of the most versatile dishes in India. It is super easy to make and can be consumed any time of the day. Here, we bring you idli recipe made with chana dal for added protein to your diet. Find the chana dal idli recipe here
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4. Soya chana dal bhurji:

Love paneer bhurji and anda bhurji? Then give this dal version a try. We bring you a nutrient-packed bhurji recipe that includes the goodness of chana dal, along with soya chunks in it. And yes, you can customize the spices as per your palate. Click here for soya chana dal recipe to pair with paratha or roti.

5. Chana dalcha:

A popular Hyderabadi dish, dalcha is a slow-cooked lamb stew, with lentils and some spices in it. We bring you a dalcha recipe that includes the goodness of chana dal in it. You can have it as is, without the sides of bread or rice. Find recipe here.
Now that you have gone through the list, pick one recipe for the day and give it a try. Do let us know how you liked it.


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