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From Katori Chaat To Khakra Chaat: 6 Unique Chaat Recipes For Your Weekend Binge

Easy Chaat Recipes: Craving chaat on the weekend? In the mood to try something different? Looking for a stand-out dish to serve guests? Well, we have something that will suit your exact needs. As you know, there are many traditional and innovative varieties of chaat out there. We have put together a short list of chaat recipes that you may not have heard of. But they are not so experimental as to be difficult or bizarre in taste. We assure you, that these are delicious and easy-to-make treats! So instead of the usual aloo chaat or papdi chaat, give these unique chaats a try this weekend:
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Here Are 6 Interesting And Impressive Chaat Recipes For The Weekend:

1. Katori Chaat

Unique chaat recipes: Wow your guests with this katori chaat. Photo Credit: iStock

What makes this chaat stand out is its presentation. Common chaat ingredients are mixed together and served in crisp ‘katoris.’ Doesn’t that sound delightful? The katori itself is made using a maida batter. No complex techniques are required; just a simple cooking hack. To find out, watch the recipe video here.

2. Makki Dhokla Chaat


This treat allows you to relish spongy dhoklas as part of a unique chaat. And it’s not just any dhokla used here, but Makki Dhokla. This is a beloved delicacy in Rajasthan. In this chaat, the dhokla is mixed with green chutney, garlic chutney, curds and bhujiya – creating a wonderful medley of flavours and textures. Watch the recipe video here.
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3. Bhakarwadi Chaat

Papdi chaat is a classic way to use a crispy ingredient (papdi) as the base for a chaat. Why not take inspiration from that and make bhakarwadi chaat too? For the uninitiated, bhakarwadi are bite-sized fried snacks with a spiral shape. They are especially famous in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Both the snack itself (recipe here) and the chaat (recipe here) are easy to make. And once you try, you are sure to be left wanting more.

4. Khakra Chaat


Unique chaat recipes: You can make a healthy chaat using khakra. Photo Credit: iStock

Another crisp ingredient you can use for your chaat is khakra. Since it is roasted and not fried, khakra is actually relatively healthier. In general, this chaat is also packed with other nutritious ingredients that can be good for you. It proves that dieters can also enjoy street-style food at home, but with a twist! Here’s the full recipe for this chaat.

5. Bread Dahi Chaat

This is the perfect choice when you don’t have much time on your hands. You can prepare a delectable bread dahi chaat in just 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t require specific ingredients like paan or khakra either – just common ones you are sure to find in your kitchen. Click here for the complete recipe.

6. Paan Chaat

Now this chaat ingredient is definitely unconventional. Betel leaf (the one used for making paan) can actually be used for making a fusion chaat. Believe us, this dish is quite tasty and memorable. Try it at least once. Read the recipe here.

Which of these recipes sounds the most appealing to you? Have you tried any of them before? Let us know in the comments below.
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