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Fasting on Janmashtami? Try These 6 Yummy Recipes to Keep You Energised

Krishna Janmashtami holds a special place in the hearts of many. While it’s celebrated with great enthusiasm across India, the festivities reach a crescendo in Mathura and Vrindavan, the birthplaces of Lord Krishna. Temples are decorated, resonating with melodious kirtans, while the streets and bazaars are adorned with colourful Radha and Shri Krishna tableaus. As per the Hindu calendar, Janmashtami falls every year in the month of ‘Shravan’. This time, it graces us on September 6th and 7th. Devotees lovingly address Lord Krishna by various names such as Kanha, Balagopal, Laddu Gopal and Banke Bihari. As a mark of respect and affection, many observe a fast on Janmashtami, breaking it only after midnight.

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But fasting doesn’t have to mean bland food or a lack of energy. Here are some simple and tasty dishes specially curated for Janmashtami fasts.

Here Are 6 Yummy Recipes You Must Try This Janmashtami:

1. Raw Banana Tikki

Raw bananas, surprisingly versatile, take the spotlight in this Raw Banana Tikki recipe. It’s not just delicious but also provides a quick energy boost. With mild spices, you can whip up these tikkis in just 20 minutes.Click here for the recipe.

2. Kheere ke Pakode

Here’s another interesting recipe: crispy pakodas made from cucumber and water chestnut flour, perfect for fasting days. Dip these cucumber slices into a batter infused with water chestnut flour and spices, then deep fry for a satisfying crunch. Enjoy them with a hot cup of tea. Click here for the recipe

3. Makhana Kheer

Makhana Kheer, a beloved Indian dessert, is a breeze to make. What sets it apart is its swift preparation. Makhana, a fasting-friendly ingredient, combines with dry fruits to create a rich and nutritious dessert, perfect for Janmashtami and Navratri. Click here for the recipe

4. Falhari Bhel

Craving a quick and healthy snack during your fast? Try Falhari Bhel. This easy-to-make snack will curb your hunger in minutes, making it an ideal choice for fasting. Click here for the recipe

5. Kuttu Puri

Kuttu Puri is a fasting favourite. These crispy, fluffy puris pair perfectly with a scrumptious potato curry. To make them, blend spices with boiled mashed potatoes in buckwheat flour, create a dough, form puris, and deep fry them to golden perfection. Click here for the recipe

6. Vratwale Paneer Rolls

For all the Paneer enthusiasts out there, we have a delightful recipe: Vratwale Paneer Rolls. Combine grated cheese with potatoes, rock salt, and spices to create a filling and flavorful snack. Click here for the recipe

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Give these recipes a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Enjoy the flavours of Krishna Janmashtami 2023!


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