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Can You Drink Orange Juice for Sore Throat?

Is it a good idea to drink orange juice for sore throat?

During flu season, orange juice, in particular vitamin C, is frequently hailed as the hero. However, does it actually work to treat a cold and sore throat, or is this just another urban legend?

Oranges have strong acids, which might irritate your throat. Additionally, a study from The University of Maryland demonstrates that, at least temporarily, drinking orange juice does not help treat a cold.

The length of a person’s cold will be cut short by one day if they consume a lot of vitamin C on a regular basis, not only while they are sick.

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Orange Juice for Sore Throat: Is It a Good Idea?

Although vitamin C, a substance widely attributed to preventing or curing everything from the common cold to strep throat, is abundant in orange juice, the link between vitamin C and throat health may be a myth.

Additionally, experts do not advise using orange juice for sore throats because it is highly acidic and can aggravate the condition.


Although vitamin C doesn’t completely cure a common cold and the flu, it does significantly reduce the incidence and length of these diseases.

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Therefore, vitamin C supplementation is a good way to prevent colds before your throat becomes sore.

Orange juice for sore throat is not a good idea because the juice is deemed to be a good cold prevention tool – before your throat hurts. Although white blood cells that fight virus cells may be activated by vitamin C, the processes of vitamin C are not entirely understood.

Skip the orange juice totally to hasten the recovery of your sore throat. Despite having a lot of nutrients, orange juice is far more acidic than soup and hot tea, which are both good for calming the throat.

Why You Should Not Have Orange Juice for Sore Throat

Here are some reasons why orange juice for sore throat is a No-No:

Although Vitamin C is thought to reduce inflammation, the acidity of orange juice entirely neutralizes the vitamin’s anti-inflammatory effects. Drinking acidic liquids will make a scratchy throat much worse. Gargle with salt water to help relieve sore throats, eliminate post-nasal drips, and prevent bacterial growth.

The majority of juices you may buy at the grocery store are loaded with undiscovered sugars that can seriously harm your immune system. White blood cells, which support a healthy immune system, can become less effective if you consume too much sugar.


The majority of commercial orange juice is so heavily processed that it wouldn’t even be drinkable if “flavor packs” weren’t added.

Orange juice, pineapple juice, and other citrus drinks might irritate throat membranes that are already inflamed. These membranes are soothed by hot tea or soup, which speeds up the healing process and helps you avoid getting a sore throat or cough.


Don’t worry if you’re in love with orange juice. Although orange juice for sore throat is not recommended, but your immune system will be strengthened by vitamin C, preventing further colds. You can still enjoy this beverage, but perhaps don’t make it a top priority when you’re feeling under the weather.

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