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Megan Thee Stallion Seemingly Denies Allegations From Tasha K

Megan Thee Stallion is tired of folks playing on her top! On Friday night, blogger Tasha K hopped on Instagram live with Nicki Minaj and spilled some lukewarm tea involving several allegations. During the live, Tasha told Nicki, “We’re just talking about Megan. You know she done fu***d up Teyana Taylor’s house. Teyana had to sell that house. You know Megan was renting that house, and that’s why [she] and [stylist E.J. King] fell out.”

The H-Town hottie didn’t say too much, but a simple like on her Twitter account spoke volumes. The rapper liked a tweet seemingly denying allegations made by Tasha. The tweet from blogger Ken Barbie stated that the house is not the same home as Meg’s that was recently burglarized. As we recently reported, TMZ’s sources claim suspects took an estimated $300-$400K in jewelry, cash, and electronics from inside the home.



Tasha K stepped into The Shade Room and is standing ten toes down on her allegations. She wrote, “You damaged that lady’s house. She had to run you down for her bread. Ej suggested you rent out one of her homes to that lady. On top of trying to skip out on damages and back rent. Ej had to run you down for his 80k in work he did for you! Meg, please! Yeah, you rented the home then, but they both had to run you down for the bread you owed them… EJ!”

She continued, “And tell your minion blogger. He got the story wrong… ain’t nobody said anything about Teyana selling that home because of you. What I said was that she is selling the home@she, let you rent & damaged it! And now that your home was burglarized, she doesn’t care cause Karma is a b****! Is what I said!”

Roommates, what do you think about this?

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